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JB's Barnyard ice cream is handcrafted and locally made on Jared and Briley's land near Evansville, IN. Jared and Briley, the founders of JB's Barnyard, began making their own ice cream in 2023. 

JB's Barnyard now produces over 25 flavors of ice cream throughout the year! Our ice cream trucks can only hold about 15 flavors of ice cream, therefore, we rotate our flavors every few months! See what flavors of ice cream we are serving today by checking out our menu.

JB's  Barnyard ice cream is some of the highest quality ice cream you can find on the market! Our ice cream is uniquely made with a 16% clean label butterfat ice cream mix. Learn more about JB's Barnyard ice cream production below. 

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Butterfat, a natural fat derived from milk, adds rich flavor, smooth texture, and body to ice cream! Most ice cream is made with only a 12% - 14% Butterfat. JB's Barnyard ice cream, is specially made with 16% Butterfat! That is why our ice cream is some of the creamiest ice cream on the market!

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