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Welcome to JB’s!" - That is the first thing you are going to hear when you step up to JB's Barnyard to order your ice cream! Once you are a customer at JB's Barnyard, you will quickly realize our ice cream is just as amazing as our service!

Founded in 2021, Jared and Briley Simpkins began JB's Barnyard as a mobile ice cream business in Evansville, IN. Now serving ice cream to over 5 counties in Southwest Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Illinois, JB's Barnyard has quickly become an elite ice cream business!

Although JB's Barnyard does not have a storefront open to the public, you will not have a hard time finding our ice cream! JB's Barnyard ice cream is available for purchase from our mobile ice cream trucks, as a private event booking, or at wholesale locations!

To see where JB's Barnyard is serving ice cream at today from our mobile ice cream trucks, click on our schedule. To snag our ice cream at a wholesale location, click on wholesale ice cream. To book JB's Barnyard for a private event, wedding, or corporate party, please click on private event booking. To learn more about JB's Barnyard ice cream, check out our about JB's ice cream page or our JB's history page. 

We cannot wait to see you soon, at JB's! 

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